1.5 Network Topologies and Layers

Overview of Learning
  • Ring, Star and Mesh PHYSICAL topologies (what does it look like - shape/size)
  • Ring, Star and LOGICAL topologies (What METHOD does the LAN use to transmit packets [Ethernet or Token Ring])
  • Wifi:
    • frequency and channels
    • encryption
  • The concept of layers in the TCP/IP protocol
      Application Layer
    • TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)
    • HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
    • HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
    • POP (Post Office Protocol)
    • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
    • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • Transport Latyer (Reliable or Unreliable transport of data)
  • INTERNET LAYER (The uses of IP addressing for end to end communication accrosss a WAN)
  • NETWORK LAYER (MAC addressing for LAN communication)
  • Packet switching
  • GCSE 1.5 Star and mesh network topologies

  • GCSE 1.5 WiFi

  • GCSE 1.5 Ethernet

  • GCSE 1.5 The uses of IP, MAC addressing and protocols

  • GCSE 1.5 The concept of layers

  • GCSE 1.5 Packet switching

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